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19 January 2011

The lineart/inking tutorial page has been posted! At long last :V I still have to do that 2011 link thing though

17 January 2011

I added a new Renamon picture to a new 2011 art page, but currently the 2011 link is only found in the drop-down menu on this home page. I'll add the link to the other pages later today (too tired). I hope to have tutorials up by the end of the month.

25 October 2010

Just finished another massive update to the code, adding a new format for my page's columns that allows the individual "boxes" to appear evenly-spaced instead of having gaps of varying sizes. I also did a lot of tidying-up of the new code.

24 October 2010

Rewrote descriptions for my older pics (Pre-July 2004 thru 2005), sketches and failed art. This got rid of a bunch of outdated information and the overly-confident views of my art that I had at the time. I also took out all the angsty teenager stuff. My GOD I used a LOT of "..."'s when I was a kid.

23 October 2010

Removed all unnecessary clutter from the website. I renamed every image file on the website to give a streamlined nomenclature to all my images. It was a few hours of tedious work but it makes managing the website quite a bit simpler. Doing this also helped me fix a few issues I hadn't seen before (one issue being a column on an image gallery page being copied incorrectly previously). I also condensed the sketch/failed art pages, and fixed the favicon (the little icon that appears next to the URL in the browser) so it now applies to every page on the website instead of just the homepage. I deleted every file in the directory and then reuploaded all of the site's content, now free of any unused or outdated material. A fresh start :3 I removed the "original sketches" portion of the store because it was getting no sales (and I no longer want to part with my sketches anyway). I also removed any lingering links that referred to standalone Art CD1 or Art CD2 pages.

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