I started using the original domain, cmct.com on August 31st 1999. I originally intended it to be Pokemon themed, but I did not have an episode guide for it, so I switched it over to Digimon instead. The result is above (taken from a Digimon-The Movie promotion by Pojo). However, about a year after that, the website became too large for its very limited storage capacity at the time (50MB?) and was changed again. It then became a site about super cars (McLaren F1, Mercedes CLK-GTR, etc.) After that came and went, it became a website about Video Games, but that proved to be too broad in its scope, so it was limited to Metroid (called Metroid HQ), with MS Paint visuals. In 2002-03, it was once again changed to Sonic the Hedgehog, which served as my gateway to the furry fandom. As my interest in the Sonic franchise waned, by late 2004 the site was centered around the anthro artwork that I was now creating, and it was named Tailsrulz Productions. Since "Tailsrulz" doesn't roll off the tongue, I changed the name to "Vulpine Studios" a couple of years afterward. In August 2009, the domain switched from cmct.com to vulpine-studios.com. I am the sole owner of the domain and am solely responsible for its upkeep. My frequency of posting artwork slowed down as the 2010's went onward, but was revitalized in 2020 when the pandemic caused job security issues and also gave me much more time at home to work on art.


2002: I begin working with PSP7. I also used PSP4 and Photoshop before that, but PSP7 is what I stuck with.
June 20, 2003: DeviantART account created, at the ripe old age of 13.
July 3, 2004: Newgrounds account created, though it would remain dormant until 2021.
September 2004: I get my first commission.
September 23, 2004: SheezyART account created. The website would die within a couple of years.
October 12, 2004: My domain switches over to a website about my artwork.
April 28, 2006: FurAffinity account created, after SheezyART self-destructs.
May 1, 2006: Art CD 1 is released.
October 12, 2006: First picture submitted with a "Vulpine Studios" logo.
September 2007: Art CD 2 is released.
June 2008: I attended Anthrocon 2008, my first convention.
October 2008: Twitter account created, though it would only be used lightly until 2020.
July 2009: I attended Anthrocon 2009.
August 10, 2009: Vulpine Studios moves from cmct.com to vulpine-studios.com.
August 30, 2009: I livestream my artwork for the first time, on the appropriately-named Livestream.
June 2010: I attended Anthrocon 2010. Art CD3 is released at this convention.
June 2011: I attended Anthrocon 2011.
July 2014: I attended Anthrocon 2014.
April 20, 2017: Picarto account launched, for art streaming.
July 2018: I begin working with a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24.
November 15, 2020: Etsy store launched, for physical merch.
November 18, 2020: Patreon launched, providing patrons access to HD artwork and more.
August 30, 2021: Gumroad store launched, for digital merch.