The original domain, cmct.com became my own website on August 31st 1999. For about the first day of its existance, it was intended to be Pokemon themed,but the episode guide to it was not handy, so it was switched over to Digimon instead. The result is above. (taken from a Digimon-The Movie promotion by Pojo) However, about a year after that, the website got too big for its very limited website capacity at the time (50MB?) and had to be changed. It then became a site about super cars (like, ones that you can't afford; McLaren F1, Mercedes CLK-GTR, etc.) After that came and gone, it became a website about Video Games, but that proved to be way too much work, so it was limited to Metroid (called Metroid HQ), with MS Paint visuals (I was not using PSP7 at the time). Then, it went to Sonic the Hedgehog, the gateway to anthropomorphism for me. Finally, I became fed up with lack of server space and ripping off Sonic HQ, so I changed it to be based on nothing but my own artwork (which also helps prevent lawsuits), Tailsrulz Productions. Since "Tailsrulz" doesnt roll off the tongue, I changed it to "Vulpine Studios" shortly afterward. In August 2009, the domain finally switched from the oddly-titled cmct.com to vulpine-studios.com. I am now the sole owner of the domain and am solely responsible for its upkeep.


2002: I begin working with PSP7. I also used PSP4 and Photoshop before that, but PSP7 is what I stuck with.
20 June 2003: I begin a DeviantART account, blindly thinking my art was awesome and I would be a hit. (Basically it was the opposite)
September 2004: I get my first commission.
23 September 2004: I begin my ill-fated SheezyART account. I would finally stop updating it a few years later.
12 October 2004: My domain switches over to a site for my artwork.
April 2005: An attempt to sell a picture of Felicia on Furbid went under, which was my first attempt to sell art on Furbid.
1 May 2006: Just before my 16th birthday, Art CD 1 is released.
September 2007: Art CD 2 is released.
June 2008: I attended my first convention, Anthrocon 2008.
10 August 2008: Vulpine Studios moves from cmct.com to vulpine-studios.com
July 2009: I attended Anthrocon 2009.
June 2010: I attended Anthrocon 2010. Art CD3 is released at this convention.
June 2011: I attended Anthrocon 2011.
July 2014: I attended Anthrocon 2014.


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