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"Champagne" (08/16)

"Rise and Shine - Vanilla" (08/06)

"Eyes of the Storm" (07/28)

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02 April 2011

Added a database for the extras and got the sketches, downloads, failed art, and received art back up. Just gotta work on the character bios.

31 March 2011

Welcome to the new Vulpine Studios! There are still a few things that need work. The store is going to be down for a day or two as I work on it. More info will be posted in my new web forum "Anthropolis", hosted by this site, which is found under the "Contact Me" tab. Feel free to join :V

30 March 2011

The site is almost ready for use. The presentation is complete, the main issue now is going through the completed code and hammering out all the little bugs, especially with the store system (which is disabled for now).

21 March 2011

Been adding in more PHP/MySQL stuff. A store, image gallery, and forum are in the works, I am in the process of applying formatting to them. I am also changing the style of the website slightly to allow it to take better advantage of the PHP and to also look a bit more stylish :3

18 March 2011

The site has now switched from .htm to .php :3 The difference at the moment is not noticable, but that may change in the future. Updating should be easier in the future.

16 March 2011

The website will be down for a bit as the site switching to a different hosting platform to allow PHP, which I am starting to learn.

19 February 2011

The basics tutorial page has been posted, albiet late :V I will be refining how it is written, though.

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