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24 November 2014

Gallery updated! 2012-14 section has all of the artwork that has not been posted to this website since I stopped updating.

23 November 2014

Hello again! I spent a few days reworking the UI to be more open and modern-looking. The color scheme is lighter and more colorful, and the thumbnails are larger. Hovering over a thumbnail provides the information in an overlay that was originally provided alongside the thumbnail. Clicking a "full view" image directs to the image location, if you want to view the image within constraints of your browser. The site will scale to browser width, which may be helpful for some small smartphone resolutions. With time I'll bring back the forum, store, and add the other tutorial topics.

16 January 2014

Hello folks! The site appears dead, but I am working on a revamped site. The store has been removed for the time being as I intend on adding digital downloads and Paypal functionality.

27 October 2011

The new forum is up, I switched from SMF to phpBB. The old forum will be up for a period of 1 week from today, to allow people to migrate over. The new board's layout is the same as the old one. Both forum links are listed under the "CONTACT ME" tab.

15 April 2011

Tweaked compatibility with Internet Explorer. The website should now display in IE9 as it would in Firefox or Chrome, with rounded borders and proper CSS dropdown menus (which previously were not working for IE users, although this was fixed for older IE versions also). If you must use IE to browse this site, at least update your IE to version 9.

10 April 2011

The new store is finally up and ready for use. It now uses a shopping cart system and can send automated emails containing receipts/payment address info. You can view all of its features here.

09 April 2011

The new store should be up later tonight. Paypal functionality isn't ready yet but the Paypal option still offers an automated email with all the needed information. The shopping cart system works fine and applies shipping/discounts for you.

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