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01 December 2014

The forum is back up for a moment so members can recover posts/messages that were lost since it was shut down. After 72 hours (around that time), I'm going to upgrade the forum to phpBB 3.1.2, which was released only a week ago. I'd like to do a clean installation of this, which most likely means that the existing posts will be lost. After upgrading the board, I will be looking to add moderators to the staff.

30 November 2014

New 'Extras' section added! 'Works in Progress' section will have pictures I'm currently working on, and intend to complete. Pictures in this section, I assume, will either end up in the gallery or the 'Cancelled art' section. I hope to get the forum up soon.

29 November 2014

'Failed' art section renamed 'Cancelled' art. 11 new images added to that section, some older pics to come as well, probably.

27 November 2014

Sketches page being updated. I'm still adding sketches, but the count of sketches is increasing from 15 to 99.

25 November 2014

Received art updated! That section hasn't been touched in years.

24 November 2014

Gallery updated! 2012-14 section has all of the artwork that has not been posted to this website since I stopped updating.

23 November 2014

Hello again! I spent a few days reworking the UI to be more open and modern-looking. The color scheme is lighter and more colorful, and the thumbnails are larger. Hovering over a thumbnail provides the information in an overlay that was originally provided alongside the thumbnail. Clicking a "full view" image directs to the image location, if you want to view the image within constraints of your browser. The site will scale to browser width, which may be helpful for some small smartphone resolutions. With time I'll bring back the forum, store, and add the other tutorial topics.

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