"Meet Sophia"

Meet Sophia

Date Posted: 12 June 2021DeviantART linkFurAffinity link  Print Availability: None

Description: My first named original character since 2013! This is Sophia, a gothicc fennec fox who is vain, confident, sassy, narcissistic, high-maintenance, and has an ego far larger than even her big ol fluffy ears!
I wanted to make a character with a different, more abrasive personality, and I've also been wanting to draw this kind of wardrobe more often lately. I'd never really done a full-on latex effect before, though I've approximated it in the past.

I spent more time tweaking the lineart than I did on the coloring and shading. Some of this work was streamed. HD (up to 4K!)/PSD/Alt files are on my Patreon.