"A wild Pikachu appears!"

A wild Pikachu appears!

Date Posted: 02 August 2016DeviantART linkFurAffinity link  Print Availability: None

Description: This trainer seems to have stumbled upon a rather different-looking Pikachu! To be exact, this is my Luminara character, who has a tendency to be caught off-guard. I figured I'd make something Pokemon Go-related, considering it's an international sensation right now.

I believe this marks the first time I ever used a real-life photo in any of my anthro works. I took the background photo myself, using my smartphone camera. Also, I've posted 2 new pics in a 2-week span now, which I haven't done in a long time.

The HUD is based on what you see in Pokemon GO but created within Photoshop. I also made sure the picture would use a resolution that one could find on a phone. I might offer other sizes later in case someone wants to use this as a phone background (the original image could be sized up to a 4K resolution).

Paint Tool SAI + Photoshop w/ Wacom Intuos Pro, ~40 layers, ~10 hours
Pikachu and Pokemon Go are copyright to their respected parties