"Beach Babe Felicia"

Beach Babe Felicia

Date Posted: 25 July 2016DeviantART linkFurAffinity link  Print Availability: None

Description: Felicia caves in and happily dons a trendy outfit as she visits the beach.

The "Beach Babe" series is quite a throwback, considering I've used that in titles for over a decade. However, Felicia has never been a part of that series until now. It was nice to do a good ol' classic pinup of one of my characters.

During the production of this image I replaced my Intuos4 Medium with a Intuos Pro. My stylus and tablet alike were on their last leg and lived a good 7 years. I also redid some parts (particularly the lineart) multiple times and this image took a long time to complete because I was learning new techniques all the while. Hopefully I'll be able to work quicker now.

Photoshop CC 2015/Paint Tool SAI w/ Intuos Pro medium. 30+ layers, 12+ hours