"Siberian Nights"

Siberian Nights

Date Posted: 22 January 2014DeviantART linkFurAffinity link  Print Availability: Yes

Description: A snowy return of Felicia, the Russian blue tigress! Here she stands along a balcony during a snowy night in a lacy new outfit. Despite a full coat of fur, perhaps she'd like some additional warmth? The snowflakes are hand-drawn and it was extremely monotonous.

I really love her outfit (and was one of the primary reasons I focused my time on completing this first) so this might as well be regarded as her "canon" outfit when it comes to nightwear. It inherits attributes from outfits she has previously worn. Her hips seem wider and her thighs thicker compared to previous pictures of her; I need to make ref sheets to make my characters more standardized. However, given the gap of time between pictures, it could be assumed she's aged a couple of years since her previous completed pic (which was fittingly 2 years ago) so that could help explain it.