"The Sanctuary of Innocence"

The Sanctuary of Innocence

Date Posted: 08 February 2013DeviantART linkFurAffinity link  Print Availability: Yes

Description: Introducing Celia, a innocent-yet-voluptuous homebody calico cat. Pictured in the privacy of her pink room lined with stuffed animals, she dances to a song on her iPawd (GET IT?!) in the early afternoon. Celia, though thick and curvy in the right spots, maintains an air of sweet innocence and is quite modest and shy about her appearance, with only her closest online friends aware of what she looks like. She is generally found sitting in front of a computer screen and/or listening to music.

The calico spots were actually rather fun and easy to do. I did a multiply layer with the spots, and laid them over her fur shading. And I know calico cats in reality only have 2 additional colors aside from white (not 3), but she's bipedal with human-like features so I think it can slide.